Plastic Rotating Spray Head

Plastic Spray Head For Small Containers, Beer Kegs And Tanks

Plastic Rotating Spray Head


Our plastic rotating spray heads are designed for better and faster cleaning of small containers, beer kegs and tanks of sizes up to 1 metre diameter. They are manufactured from PVDF for enhanced performance and durability. There are two versions of this nozzle available, the 360 degree plastic tank cleaning head and the 180 degree plastic container cleaning nozzle. Both these nozzles have 1/2″ BSP female threaded connection and are compact in size meaning that they can fit inside small openings in vessels where required.


Plastic 360° Rotary Spray Head Low Flow


For small tanks, beer kegs and containers up to 1 metre diameter


1/2″ BSP Female Thread
Optimum cleaning pressure 2 to 5 bar
Compact size
PVDF material
Multiple rotating fan jets

Case Study

Humidity Control Solves Ink Drying Problem for Printers

"Reduced static build up solves ink drying problem for print and packaging manufacturer."

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