Roll Cooling Spray Nozzle

Self Aligning Roll Cooling Nozzle

Roll Cooling Spray Nozzle


The roll cooling nozzle is a self-aligning nozzle assembly, this ensures the spray performance remains consistent after replacement or maintenance. In just a matter of seconds, nozzle tips can be changed. Simply loosen the retaining cap, replace the nozzle tip and replace the cap to secure.

The spray pattern is offset by 15 degrees from the dovetail axis to ensure trouble free performance. Nozzle bodies are welded to the spray headers and as the complete unit is Stainless Steel, this nozzle type is ideal for high temperature applications.

Materials Available

Stainless Steel

Spray Angles Available

15° to 110°

Ordering Example

Roll Cooling Nozzle 10-65 Stainless Steel


Roll Cooling


Produces a uniform, flat spray without hard edges
Tapered edges of pattern allow overlapping for even distribution
Orifice is offset 15 degree to axis of dovetail
Dovetail connection for consistent alignment

Case Study

UK Car Plant Dust Control

"UK car plant improves humidity and dust control while reducing rejected painted parts."

19 Ellerbeck Court
Stokesley Business Park
North Yorkshire