In-Line Water Filters

In-Line Water Filters For All Spraying Applications

In-Line Water Filters


By using a water filter in your delivery line to your spray application, you are increasing the potential life cycle of the spray nozzles you are using by filtering the water and therefore reducing any blockages that may occur when using dirty water or water with particles.

Our range of filters offer an easy to use and reliable way of filtering your process water and are available for pipe sizes from 1/2″ – 1 1/2″ and come with the option of different screen types.

Materials Available

Polypropylene Body with EPDM Gasket
Stainless Steel


All spraying applications
All process water lines


1/2″ – 1 1/2″ Pipe Sizes
Max Working Pressures
14 – 15 bar
Filtering capacity 80 – 280 Lpm
Fixing point on both sides
32 – 250 Mesh available

Case Study

Commercial Fabric Manufacturer

"Commercial fabric manufacturer improves test lab condition with accurate Dry Fog humidity control system"

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