Spray Nozzles for Drying

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Nozzles for Drying After Surface Treatment

Using the correct number, type and configuration of air nozzle following surface treatment can significantly improve the drying time of parts by removing water used in the wash and rinse stages.

A well selected and positioned air nozzle can also remove any particles and dry any blind spots or hard-to-reach places.

By using a dedicated air nozzle rather than open ended pipe, it means you not only greatly reduce and control the amount of expensive compressed air used, but noise levels are reduced significantly.

By channeling the air through multi-channel air nozzles, you also increase blowing power.

We supply a range of air nozzles and air manifolds and can assist with the design of new applications or the upgrading of existing systems.


Drying after washing

Drying after rinsing

Drying painted parts

For the drying stage in industrial component washers


Low air consumption

Low operating costs

Low service air pressure with the same blowing pressure

High blowing impact

Improved worker safety

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