Spray Systems for Product Adhesion

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Spray Systems for Food Adhesion

“Improve process efficiency through spray technology”

Whether a plant is making bread buns or baked products that require seeds and toppings, or a food manufacturer making pizzas, ensuring that the toppings consistently adhere to the product is essential. This application is an example of how spray technology can improve a food and baked goods production process by automating what can be a maintenance intensive job.

By using a well-designed and reliable spray system, a plant can greatly improve efficiency and control while also reducing waste and increasing production speed. The correct nozzle type and size ensures the exact amount of water is applied to the product every time meaning complete reliability and peace of mind for the operator.

Many sites, whether a small craft bakery or mass food producer still use labour intensive and expensive methods such as dipping bread dough in water before proofing or using valuable operator resources by using manual hand spraying or brushing on.

An example of where spray technology can improve the process is with a large mass producer of frozen pizzas. This company used a steam tunnel to make sure toppings such as peperoni and chicken adhered to the pizza base before freezing, however, this method was very expensive to run and maintain due to the need to generate steam as well as being difficult to control. Sealpump designed and supplied a cold water and air nozzle system to replace the steam hood while offering much better coverage, control and repeatability has greatly reduced the energy and maintenance costs.

Sealpump can design and supply a system tailored to the exact needs of our customer, with scope of supply ranging from nozzles, filtration and manual controls to a fully automated system which can be linked into the process line and controls. Our systems can include specially designed headers and controls and can be supplied to be mounted on the line, wall or even supplied as a mobile unit.


Precise control of Liquid volume

Automates a manual process

Reduces product waste/rejection

Provides repeatable results

Precise coverage


Applying seeds to bread and dough products

Adhesion of pizza toppings

Adding garnish to savoury goods

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