Torch Cutting Machines

Torch Cutting Machines

For many years Sealpump Engineering have worked in partnership with ALBA, Italy, a leading manufacturer of bloom & billet and slab torch cutting machines for use in continuous casting plants.

ALBA’s torch cutting machines are well known for that reliability, ruggedness and short cutting times.  They can work in full automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode achieving the best performances as well as cutting results.

Each oxy-cutting car is equipped with high performance high speed water-cooled torch type ALBACUT with integrated pilot flames and contain the granulating system, fluid control system, cooling system and all the other necessary equipment and safety devices.

The machine structure, clamping system and torches are water cooled by a controlled flow and protected against sparks by heat shields and provided with automatic centralised greasing system for easy maintenance.

Sealpump sales engineers will assist with all new torch cutting machines or replacement parts, offering competitive pricing and availability, please contact our office for further details, or please see