UK Car Plant

“UK car plant improves humidity and dust control while reducing rejected painted parts”


A large UK car manufacturing plant was having issues when moving un-painted bumpers from storage areas to the pain shop ready for painting. The problem was caused by dust particles being created when the bumpers we picked up and dropped off, the dust then settles on the bumpers which in turn cause problems when they are painted and the bumpers are rejected at great cost to the car plant.

This problem was occurring in numerous locations across the plant and with the volume of cars being produced, scrap rates were rising and an effective solution had to be found to both control the humidity level and reduce the airborne dust.


Sealpump designed and supplied a number of combine dust and humidity control system in order to solve the problem and reduce the scrap rate. In each critical area we installed a number of Dry Fog nozzle assemblies all controlled independently in zoned areas using our humidity control package. The systems monitor the level of humidity in each area and adds moisture to the atmosphere when the desired of rh drops below the set level.

While controlling the humidity and airborne dust particles were key, this all had to be done without causing any wetting at all of equipment, framework or floors. Our Dry Fog nozzle system allowed us to do this as the droplets produced are between 1-5 micron, which adds the required moisture but crucially does not wet.