Ultrasonic Fogging Disinfection for the Food Industry

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Ultrasonic Disinfection for the Food Industry

Sealpump provide highly effective ultrasonic fogging nozzles and fogging systems for decontamination and disinfection in food production. The fogging nozzles can be permanently fixed units or mobile, dependant on customer needs.

The fogging nozzles provide dry vapour phase disinfection, for the control of food product associated infections or the eradication of micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. As this technology uses dry vapour there is no need to remove equipment from the affected area prior to the decontamination.

Using quality spray nozzles supplied by Sealpump, in high grade materials, with consistent atomisation of droplets and precise flow volumes, ensuring excellent performance for both decontamination rooms and showers.


Quality spray performance

Low water volumes and pressures

No wetting

Non drip & self-cleaning design

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