Following the washing and pasteurising stages of the canning and bottling process, the product then needs drying without disturbing or knocking over.

By using a dedicated air nozzle rather than relying on open ended pipe, it means you not only greatly reduce and control the amount of expensive compressed air used, but noise levels are reduced significantly.

Using the air nozzles and manifolds can ensure any remaining residue water can be removed from the can or bottle before and after the washing and pasteurising stages without knocking them over or off the conveyor. These air nozzles can also be used for sorting cans and bottles.

Sealpump supply a full range of air nozzles including flat fan, round jet and pencil jets in materials such as stainless steel and heat resistant plastic.


  • Drying cans and bottles after washing, rinsing and pasteurising
  • Drying labels and bottles
  • Sorting cans and bottles with air


  • Low air consumption
  • Low operating costs
  • Low service air pressure with the same blowing pressure
  • High blowing impact