Flavouring Spray Systems

Flavouring Spray Systems

“The correct spray solution controls material usage and improves quality”


Applying the correct amount and having the optimum distribution of flavourings to a baked or processed product can not only reduce costly waste but can also have a direct effect on product quality and ultimately affect whether consumers will continue to buy the product or not. Therefore ensuring the flavourings are applied properly is very important.

An efficient solution using spray technology can guarantee that high product standards are continually met and also improve a bakery or manufacturers bottom line by eliminating expensive waste of ingredients.

Sealpump can design and supply a spray system which will compliment your existing process line and can incorporate a simple manual control package or a fully integrated solution that includes product delivery and filtration. After an initial site survey by one of our sales engineers, we can also run spray trials in our testing facilities to see how the flavouring performs under different conditions. This also allows for the selection of the correct nozzle type and system.


  • Reduce waste of ingredients
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Ensures even coverage of each product
  • Eliminates misting of oil based products
  • Reduce down time with low maintenance and in-built cleaning cycles
  • A precise coating can ensure a consistent calorie count


  • Applying chocolate to cakes and baked goods
  • Decoration of cakes
  • Spraying butter and syrups
  • Applying sugars and starch solutions
  • Spraying caramel and other flavourings