Dough Tin and Pan Lubrication

Dough Tin and Pan Lubrication

The lubrication of dough tins and pans is often a process which is manually carried out, a process which can waste valuable operator time, use excessive amounts of costly oil or release agent and not have consistent results. Even in some applications where nozzle systems are being used, the wrong type, number or settings can cause considerable overspray and misting which can again cause unnecessary mess, wasted time and expensive product waste.

Sealpump can help you ensure that the lubrication system is both efficient, low maintenance and reliable. We can design and install a solution to fit the exact needs of your line and supply a complete system including sensors to detect the tins or pans which can then trigger the sprays to start/stop. This means that each tin is covered evenly and limits overspray and mess by crucially not wasting costly material.

Our nozzle control packages can adjust and control the volume of release agent or oil and also adjust the spray pattern for width to allow for different size tins and pans to be sprayed while ensuring optimum performance. A well designed spray lubrication system can increase production speed by automating and improving existing systems and methods but also offer quick payback on investment through material savings.


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Lower usage of lubricant/release agent
  • Staff can be moved to more important processes
  • Greater control of volume
  • Cleaner operation with less mess/overspray
  • Systems include tank, delivery line, nozzles, controls, sensors & timers
  • Increased production speed and quick payback


  • Bread tins
  • Dough tubs
  • Pan lubrication
  • Conveyor lubrication

Viscomist nozzle

WA automatic spray gun