During the pre-treatment process, the workpiece goes through a number of stages, including the phosphating stage where efficient use of the right spray nozzles can greatly improve the overall  finish of the product.

Whether you are a treatment plant manufacturer or end user, Sealpump can help with the specifying of the correct nozzle, nozzle holder and spray risers to ensure even parts with complex geometrics are covered evenly.

Our range includes nozzles with a variety of connections, including threaded and quick release nozzles and adjustable nozzle holders.


Nozzles available in plastic, brass and stainless steel
Wide choice of flow rates and spray angles available
Complete spray risers supplied
Quick release nozzle assemblies and holders
Quick release spray nozzle tips
Nozzles can be aligned by hand and changed quickly
Nozzles orientate 54 degrees in any direction

metal flat fan nozzles

plastic flat fan nozzles

spray risers

quick release nozzles