Drying/Blow Off Nozzles

Drying/Blow Off Nozzles

Sealpump provide high quality air nozzles for drying, blowing, cleaning and cooling. By using a dedicated air nozzle rather than relying on open ended pipe, the use of compressed air is more effective and noise levels reduced. Furthermore, by channelling air through multi-channel air nozzles, the blowing power can also be increased.

The flat fan air nozzles produce a flat fan shaped spray pattern, replacing open ended pipe while offering major advantages in efficiency and performance. We also provide a range of round and pencil jet air and blower nozzles for many different applications.

Using quality air nozzles supplied by Sealpump ensures optimum performance. For assistance in selecting the correct product for your application, please contact our office.


  • Reduction of noise levels of up to 12bd
  • Increased blowing power
  • Lower compressed air usage