Manifolds & Spray Headers

Manifolds & Spray Headers

SprayHeaders-461x260After selecting the correct spray nozzle type for your process, Sealpump Engineering can then design and manufacture the most suitable spray header of manifold.

A good quality, correctly sized spray bar can greatly improve the process and life span of the spray nozzles, meaning better performance and lower maintenance.


  • Each Header is designed individually for each application
  • Ensures the correct placement of nozzles
  • Headers are available in many materials such as plastic, galvanised and stainless steel
  • Full food grade headers available “ยข Full pharmaceutical grade headers available
  • Many fitting types available such as screwed, push fit, quick release and hygienic fittings
  • Self-cleaning and easy maintenance versions available


  • Metals industry for descaling, cleaning, coating and cooling
  • Food processing for cleaning, coating and cooling
  • General industrial applications
  • Metal Pre-treatment and component washing
  • Lubricating
  • Moistening
  • Dust suppression

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