Spray Nozzles for Tablet Coating

Spray Technology For the Pharmaceutical Industry

Spray Nozzles for Coating Tablets

Tablet coating is the process of evenly covering particles with a substance by applying a series of thin layers until a desired thickness is achieved. Using the correct spray nozzle is vital in applying the coating – a spray nozzle creating a finely atomised spray droplet is essential. The more effective the spray nozzle atomises the coating suspension, the more evenly the tablets are coated.

Using quality spray nozzles supplied by Sealpump Engineering, you can spray to the precise coverage, flow volume and droplet size, ensuring optimum tablet coating results.


Full range of atomising nozzles available

Accurate spray control

Spray Controls available

Hygienic design spray headers

Nozzles with non-drip & self-cleaning function


Hygienic design available

Reduced material use

Low air consumption

Reliable design

Automotive industry and suppliers

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