Tank & Vessel Cleaning for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Spray Technology For the Pharmaceutical Industry

Spray Nozzles for Pharmaceutical Tank Cleaning

Spray nozzles for tank and vessel cleaning are often required in the pharmaceutical industry, located within mixing and process vessels.

Choosing the correct spray head is critical and we are here to help. Our range includes spray balls, rotating heads and geared spray units suitable for the rinsing, sanitizing or cleaning of tanks with a diameter of up to 20 metres.

To complement our range of tank and vessel cleaning spray nozzles, we at Sealpump also offer the design and supply of automated tank washing systems. Such systems are key in achieving cost savings and improving process efficiency.

Using quality spray nozzles made of stainless steel, bronze, PVDF or Teflon ensures that the fluid is sprayed to the precise coverage, impact and flow volumes, resulting in optimum cleaning performance.


Quality high impact designs

Cost-effective solutions

The material can be stirred or temperature controlled

From small containers up to 20 metres diameter vessels

Wide choice of spray cleaning nozzles

Reduced waste water disposal cost

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Case Study

Microwaveable Rice Manufacturer

"Microwaveable rice manufacturer improves cooking efficiency by installing starch solution spraying systems."

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