Bottle and Can Cooling

Bottle and Can Cooling

Cans and bottles often need cooling in the beverage production and packaging process.

Following pasteurisation for example when the use of heat is required, cold water is often introduced in order to cool the packaging before packing. Sealpump can help in the process by supplying a suitable nozzle and configuration making sure that even coverage and efficient cooling is achieved.

As well as our range of water spray nozzles and accessories, in certain applications, compressed air can be used to cool by using dedicated air nozzles.


  • Cooling following pasteurising
  • Cooling food cans
  • Cooling of glass bottles
  • Cooling of drinks cans


  • Wide choice of spray nozzles available
  • Quick release nozzle tips and adjustable nozzle holders
  • Stainless steel and heat resistant plastic hydraulic and compressed air nozzles