Mould Inhibitor Spray System

Mould Inhibitor Spray System

Sealpump Engineering can help a bakery or food processing company extend the shelf life of its product by installing a spray system that evenly and consistently applies mould inhibitors to many types of food products including convenience foods and baked products.

A problem many food producers face have is being able to control the optimum amount of inhibitor being applied every time. When not enough liquid is added, the shelf life of the goods declines, however, if too much is used then returns from quality control & customers increases as the taste suffers.

A well designed mould inhibitor spray solution can accurately control the amount sprayed onto each product, whether it be bread buns or speciality baked goods, therefore helping reduce the amount of costly liquid required, reducing operating costs & improving efficiency of operation.

System Options

  • Wall or process mounted controls
  • Automatic re-fill system or manual option
  • Systems can be manually controlled or fully automated
  • Pre-set spray programmes means the system is ready for use
  • Trolley mounted systems available


  • Increase product shelf life
  • Reduces and controls usage of expensive mould inhibitor
  • Even coverage of each product
  • Operator peace of mind
  • Can be linked into existing process line
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance