Vegetable & Fruit Produce Washing

Vegetable & Fruit Produce Washing

Sealpump provide highly efficient spray nozzles and systems for washing and cleaning vegetable and fruit produce during the production process. The cleanliness of produce in the food industry is of the utmost importance and helps ensure that production and product standards are continuously met.

Depending on whether the produce is loose on the conveyor or in trays, spray nozzles can be mounted above and below the conveyor to ensure a full and even coverage is achieved.

These nozzles are available in a wide range of flow rates, spray angles, materials and types such as dovetail or quick release versions to allow repeatability, no threads, and easy maintenance. The thorough cleaning given by a well-specified and designed tray washing system can also reduce the risk of any cross-contamination of foodstuffs when different products are made.

Our nozzles are ideal for use for end users or industrial wash system manufacturers.


  • Washing vegetables
  • Washing fruits after picking
  • Washing produce prior to packing
  • Washing potatoes



  • Reduced water and cleaning solution cost
  • Improved cleaning
  • Quicker cleaning time
  • Reduced waste water disposal cost
  • Stainless steel and PVDF plastic material available
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination