During the electronics manufacturing processes where hydraulic spray nozzles are used, often air nozzles are required to create air curtains in between stages, and for drying and blowing off.

Our range of air nozzles are available in stainless steel, aluminium and other options in a collection of chemical and temperature-resistant materials.

A well selected and positioned air nozzle can also remove any particles and dry any blind spots or hard-to- reach places on products such as printed circuit boards.

By using a dedicated air nozzle rather than open ended pipe, it means you not only greatly reduce and control the amount of expensive compressed air used, but noise levels are reduced significantly. By channelling the air through multi-channel air nozzles, you also increase blowing power.


Creating air curtains in PCB manufacturing
Drying and blowing off in between production stages


Low air consumption
Low operating costs
Low service air pressure with the same blowing pressure
High blowing impact