Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Spray nozzles are an integral part of the manufacture of printed circuit boards and are used in a number of different stages of the process, such as developing, rinsing, etching, deburring, coating and drying.

We supply a full range of spray nozzles and accessories ideal for each stage in a range of materials, such as chemical resistant plastic and stainless steel. In the development, rinsing and etching process, flat fan and full cone nozzles are ideal in optimising spray performance. Both of these nozzle types are available in quick release versions as they make installation, alignment and removal simple, therefore reducing downtime.


Resist stripping


Flat and full cone nozzles available
Choice of materials such as stainless and chemical-resistant plastics
Quick release nozzle tips
Adjustable nozzle holders
Filters available

Metal flat fan nozzles

plastic flat fan nozzles

flat fan tips