Spray System for Alcohol Dosing

Alcohol Dosing system for Food Products

Alcohol Dosing Spray System

Food manufacturing companies looking to extend the shelf life of there products can do this by adding alcohol (ethanol) to the packaging of the goods, the most efficient way of doing this is by using a well designed spray system to apply the alcohol.

This applies to products such as baked goods which generally have a short shelf life, and being able to extend this is of high importance to manaufacturers. Our Advanced Pulse Spray System can apply the correct amount of alcohol depending on the size and weight of the packaging, with full control of the distribution and dosing of the alcohol.

Mounted on the producers packaging lines, our system offers full liquid delivery system and repeatable spray control, with our spray controller able to link into the speed and start/stop signal of the packaging line.

If your production has different pacaking sizes requiring different dosage amounts, our Rapid Spray System controller has the option of having a menu system so different dosing rates can be set depending on what the line is being used for.

Ic Spray Sg 8


Reduced material use

Less wastage

More accurate coverage

Hygienic design







Exact & Controllable dosing amounts


Low maintenance

Pulsed Spray for volume control


Lowers use of expensive ethanol

Increases product shelf life

Fresh goods last longer

No misting

Case Study

Commercial Fabric Manufacturer

"Commercial fabric manufacturer improves test lab condition with accurate Dry Fog humidity control system"

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