Spray Systems for Anti-Microbial Application

Anti-Microbial Spraying for Food Products

Anti-Microbial Spray Systems

Applying an anti-microbial solution to certain foodstuffs prior to packaging gives the products the benefit of protection against negative microbiological effects that can occur within the refrigeration and storage processes of food supply.

Our range of spray systems, including our Advanced Pulse Spray System, are perfect for applying the exact amount of anti-microbial solution time after time, giving the food producer peace of mind that the food product is being delivered into the food chain in the best possible condition.

Whether your product is meat or poultry or freshly processed salad, our spray systems can adjust to the required amount needed for different package sizes and weights.

Depending on the layout of the processing line, our anti-microbial spray system are ideally located as close to the packaging of the goods as possible.

Our pulsed spray system offers very fine control over the amount of liquid sprayed and produces mimial misting due to the pulsed operation. We have different options in terms of liquid delivery, from manual fill to our auto-fill liquid delivery system and also in the level of control required.

Our systems are hygienic in design making them easy to clean down and maintain.

Ic Spray Sg 8


Reduced material use

Less wastage

More accurate coverage

Hygienic design






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