Spray Systems for Egg Glaze & Wash

Spraying Egg Glaze on Food Products

Spray Systems for Egg Glaze & Wash

There are a large number of food manufacturing processes that need to apply egg wash onto products prior to baking and our well designed egg wash spray systems can help with either a new process line or by improving a current inefficient spray system that is using too much product, not coating evenly, and creating mist leading to breakdowns and excessive cleaning.

With the egg glaze an on-going cost for producers of baked goods for example, it is important to have a system that uses the correct amount of glaze without waste. By using our Advanced Pulse Spray System, the amount of egg wash used is reduced through better spray control.

The Rapid Pulse Spray System with it’s electrically actuated spray nozzles eliminates misting and overspray therefore saving material and making the process area cleaner.

Flow rates can be adjusting the sprays pulse speed, meaning larger orifice nozzle tips can be used which in turn reduces the possibility of the nozzles blocking.

Our spray controllers have varying levels of control depending on what is required and can link into the conveyor signal and product sensors, adjusting the cycle, speed and flow of the sprays.

Ic Spray Sg 8


Hygienic design

Rapid Pulse Sprays

Complete Spray Control

Manual or Automatic Fill System


Reduced egg wash usage

Reduced misting & overspray

More efficient production

Less cleaning & downtime

Case Study

Commercial Fabric Manufacturer

"Commercial fabric manufacturer improves test lab condition with accurate Dry Fog humidity control system"

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