Spray Systems for Glazing

Spraying Glaze on Food Products

Spray Systems for Food Product Glazing

Many food processing & production facilities require the application of a glaze to their products to either add flavouring or to improve the look of the finished product, using one of our automated spray systems will speed up the process and reduce material usage and waste.

Depending on the application and the glaze being sprayed, we can offer an Advanced Pulse Spray System or an air assisted automated spray system when viscous liquids are needing to be applied.

Our spray systems are of hygienic design which makes the systems very easy to clean and maintain.
In terms of spray control, we have a number of options available depending how automated the control needs to be. Colour touch screen HMI control is available along with in-built menu systems when different product application rates are needed.

Ic Spray Sg 8


Reduced material use

Less wastage

More accurate coverage

Hygienic design






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