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"Reduce operating costs through
Dry Fog technology"

Retarder provers are a useful addition to the baking processes as they can hold a raw product at a stable temperature until the proving process is required to begin. The retarder prover can hold and retard bread for up to three days allowing for delays in production as well as letting bakers schedule breaks in batch production. They also help produce a better end product, as the dough is allowed longer to rest between mixing and proving.

These provers can be used by both small craft bakeries, family bakers with multiple outlets or larger plants. Whatever the size of prover or site, having control over the humidity level is essential; this can be achieved by using our Ultrasonic Dry Fog nozzle system. Our system can replace the traditional method of injecting steam, therefore greatly reducing operating costs and energy use whilst increasing performance and controllability.

Energy and running costs are a big factor in many manufacturing processes, and the chance to reduce them while also increasing performance can have a positive effect on a bakery”™s bottom line.

The Dry Fog technology can be used in small or larger retarder provers and systems can be adapted to suit all types. The system can be used alongside existing humidity monitoring equipment or we can supply a fully controlled and self-contained package to suit your needs.


  • Up to 99% rh can be achieved
  • No need for steam generation
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Droplet sizes as small as 1 micron
  • Low energy costs
  • Easy control and mounting platform
  • Up to 90% cost saving on steam
  • Non-drip and self-cleaning system