Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems

Belt washing Systems For the Food Industry

Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems

Conveyor belts carrying food products require regular cleaning to ensure that hygiene standards are maintained. Cleaning efficiency can be improved significantly by using fixed spray nozzles in place of manual operator based cleaning.

Depending on the application nozzles can be mounted both above and below the conveyor to allow for a thorough clean. For rinsing, cleaning and sanitising, generally narrow flat fan spray nozzles are used due to their even coverage and uniform spray pattern. These nozzle types are available in many configurations and materials including stainless and plastic and can be supplied in dovetail and quick release version for ease of installation & maintenance.

We also supply control packages as well as the spray nozzles. These controls can be supplied with either manual control or automatically controlled and timed systems linked to production sequences.

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Case Study

Microwaveable Rice Manufacturer

"Microwaveable rice manufacturer improves cooking efficiency by installing starch solution spraying systems."

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