Spray nozzles are an essential part of the pre-treatment process in any car manufacturing plant as they can have a direct effect on the car’s final finish.

There are several stages of the pre-treatment process where various spray nozzles, accessories and styles can help.

Primarily these are:

Drying stages

We can also supply fluid delivery systems, in-line water filters, strainers and complete spray risers in order to provide a full and comprehensive spray solution service.

Sealpump can work with you to specify and supply the correct nozzle solution, which can include quick release and threaded spray nozzles, adjustable and fixed nozzle holders.

Selecting the best nozzle size and configuration greatly helps in optimising spray performance, increasing product quality and helping reduce expensive downtime and maintenance.


Automotive pre-treatment lines
Mass production parts washing
Pre-treatment prior to painting


Quick release nozzle assemblies and holders
Quick release spray nozzle tips
Nozzles can be aligned by hand and changed quickly
Nozzles orientate 54 degrees in any direction
Wide choice of nozzle sizes and mounting options
No tools required