Paint Mixing Tanks

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Paint Mixing Tanks

Through Sealpump Engineering Limited’s sister company Spray Direct @ Sealpump Limited, we are able to offer the Walther Pilot Gmbh range of paint mixing tanks.

These mixing tanks are standard units, available optionally in galvanised steel or stainless steel. If desired, you can also request these tanks in variety of materials and coated with a wide range of materials depending on your application.

Our mixing tanks range in size from 35 litre capacity (FMB35) up to 500 litre capacity (FMB500), and can be supplied with a large range of accessories such as manual, pneumatic and electrical agitators and lifting devices.


Tank with sloping base

One lower outlet without ball valve

1/3 of the lid can be folded back, with seal

Additional cut-outs in the lid on request

Galvanised and stainless steel versions available

Electro-polished version available

Lifting devices available

Drip pans and trolleys

Fill level sensors

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