Odour Control Systems for Effluent Treatment Plants

Spray Technology For the Food Industry

Odour Control Systems for Effluent Treatment Plants

Waste product from many food manufacturing and processing plants often has to be treated before it can be either re-used or released. This waste water can often generate unpleasant odours, which can cause issues if not resolved by the use of an odour control system.

Sealpump has vast experience in the design, supply and installation of complete odour control systems, and can work with you in order to tailor an effective odour control system for your effluent treatment plant.

Our well-designed systems can effectively remove any unwanted odours by dispersing an atomised spray using our unique odour control chemical, Airopure. Please contact our office for assistance in solving your odour control problems.


Effective and reliable solutions

Varied product range for all odour control requirements

Quality materials and components

Low running costs

Low maintenance


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UK Car Plant Dust Control

"UK car plant improves humidity and dust control while reducing rejected painted parts."

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