Spraying Systems for Conveyor Belt Lubrication

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Spray Systems for Conveyor Belt Lubrication

Belt lubrication is an integral part of food and beverage production, this is done by spraying a soapy solution in order to reduce friction of product trays, cans or bottles.

By using a reliable spray system comprising of low maintenance, high quality spray nozzles, the process can be significantly improved. Sealpump can help by assisting with initial system design or with retrofitting existing systems, machines and production lines.

We have a range of nozzles that can be suitable such as low flow, non-drip flat fan nozzle assemblies or air assisted atomising nozzles where very small flow rates and good spray control is needed.


Belt lubrication in canning and bottling production

Conveyor belt roll lubrication

Tin and tray lubrication


Very low flow flat fan nozzles

Complete spray bars supplied if required

Non-drip and self-cleaning nozzles available

Lower use of lubricant

Low maintenance

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Commercial Fabric Manufacturer

"Commercial fabric manufacturer improves test lab condition with accurate Dry Fog humidity control system"

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