Tray Washing Systems

Tray washing Systems For the Food Industry

Tray Washing Systems

Efficient tray washing can not only help improve cleanliness but also greatly reduce costly down time, reduce waste and cleaning product consumption and reduce wasted labour time.

Tray washing is typically done by using flat fan nozzles designed to ensure a complete and even coverage of the tray. These nozzles are available in a wide range of flow rates, spray angles, materials and type such as dovetail or quick release versions to allow repeatability, no threads, and easy maintenance.

The thorough cleaning given by a well specified and designed tray washing system can also reduce the risk of any cross contamination of food stuffs when different products are made.

Should you require controls for your tray washing applications, Sealpump Engineering can work with you to offer the best solution, from manual controls to integration into your production process line.

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